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Numbered, Perforated Tickets!

NUMBERED perforated tickets, custom printedYou’ll be picking a winner with our custom-made tickets!  However many you need, we’re there for you! You choose the layout design, and we will create a wonder of a ticket, just for you!


Just give us a call for a quote.  We’d be happy to figure it up for you!  740-984-2583 


Custom-Printed Tickets

Great-looking, functional, practical printed tickets

color chart for printed placemats

We've been making custom tickets for years!

Custom-sizes, custom layout.  Perfortating & 2-sided printing available.

Custom-printed, perforated, numbered tickets

Printed on your choice of colored card stock: white, ivory, peach, green, pink, yellow, blue, or harvest gold.


Feel free to give us a call for a quote!









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CrossTimber is a family-run, Ohio-Based, American
business with a passion for creativity and honest business.

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