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CrossTimber® -a Family Business.

Hear the humble beginnings of a printing business that has grown to raise a family.  Owner and operator John Dehnart, shares his take on the stories and homeschool projects that became CrossTimber®.


By John Dehnart

© 8-7-2013

Family + Business

a word from John about his family-run business.

Howdy! I am John Dehnart, owner and operator of CrossTimber's many services. I was five years old when my folks, moved us from the terrors of Big-City Columbus to the peaceful town of Waterford. My parents chose to home educate me and my siblings, and taught us to love God, serve others, and be honest.  And then they taught me how to do all three while raising chickens and selling eggs to the local community.  A few years later, I began running CrossTimber - Printing, and I have served local businesses for nearly twenty years.


Today, I equip my own children with those Godly values, and they help with CrossTimber projects as often as one is available for them.  Joanie & Chloe learn their ABC's by sorting our name meaning bookmarks alphabetically, and assisting with the laminating and packaging of our many name gifts.  My wife, Katie works as our frame artist, inspiration and glue to hold projects together and keep the home running.


God has uniquely blessed my family through CrossTimber, and I am honored and so very happy to blend work and life together for the blessing of those I love the most.


If you're reading this, you're an important part of that continuing blessing.  If you have enjoyed our stories, liked our name meaning gifts, or are a satisfied customer of our business printing or website design, please tell others about CrossTimber and the many services and encouraging gifts that we offer.





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