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Business Cards

The value of a good Business Card.


graphic design for business cardsYour integrity, product quality, friendliness and professionalism is what will keep your customers coming back to you, and referring others to your business.  Without question, Word of Mouth is the most valuable and effective asset to any company.  So if you can win their recommendations, more customers will be looking for you.


custom business cardsBut once they're leaning in your direction, how do they find you?  Wouldn't it be great if they received your contact info right along with that recommendation?  Very few things can empower Word of Mouth like a good business card. Most companies miss out on the untapped potential of one of the most common -and most commonly over looked- form of advertising: Business CardsWhether your card is on a bulletin board, given in person or passed along from one customer to another, the appearance of your card goes a long way in making a good first impression, and with a little effort, might turn out to be the greatest and most cost-effective form of advertising for you.


A good business card can make your business name stand out from all the others and help others remember you.

custom-printed postcards
And if you're looking for Postcards, click here!

CrossTimber specializes in custom designs, logo development and more!

We have some fantastic options for business cards, and all of them include our professional graphic design. Take a look!

Special: $99/1000

Call 888-763-2646

Premium Cards

Photo-Quality Printing on Glossy 14pt or 16pt Cardstock

Current Special:
1000 Cards for $99.
Mention Code K99
when ordering.
box of 1000 business cards for $99

Our premium business cards are custom designed and printed on heavy 14pt or 16pt cardstock.  They come with free UV Gloss coating, and are printed in high-resolution full-color, edge-to-edge printing.


Premium Cards come with a free custom design and edge-to-edge full color printing with a glossy coating!  These are really nice cards!


Setup and 1 e-mail proof is included.

Revisions with additional proofs are $5 ea

Shipping Charges are typically about $9-$12,
or you're welcome to pick them up in person!


Call 888-763-2646 to order!








"Just a few" cards, quick & easy.

Get 500 Black-Print Cards for just $40. Setup and 1 proof included!

black-print business cards

Black-Print Business Cards


Our Black-Print Business Cards come with our complete graphic design services for your business logo and card layout, --all at a fantastic price.


CrossTimber Black Print Business Card Sample

And for $10 more, we can print them on your choice of colored 90lb cardstock!  Choose from white, ivory, peachgreen, pinkyellow,blue, or harvest gold! See our color-sample chart on the left. Colors are subject to availability.  Actual paper color may vary slightly from the colors on your monitor.Business Card Sample Black Print



  • 100 Cards:$30
  • 200 Cards: $35
  • 500 Cards: $40
  • 500 black-print business cards for $401000 Cards: $70
  • 10,000 Cards: $695
  • 100,000 Cards: $4,012

Black Print on Colored Cardstock: Add $10 to any of the above packages.



Custom-Printed color business cardsColor-Printed Business Cards


These cards are printed in-house for speedy turnaround.  We use 110lb white, uncoated cardstock, with a 1/4" margin on all edges.  Here's some samples of our work!  Click here to see our Premium Cards, printed on 14pt Glossy Stock.



  • 100 Cards:$45
  • 200 Cards: $55
  • 500 Cards: $65
  • 1000 Cards: $120

(Click here to see our current special:

1000 Premium Cards for $99.)


Call us to order! 888-793-2646





Corporate Cards

Single-Layout cards with variable employee data.

full-color corporate business cards, $79 per version, 1000 per box.Uniform Company Cards that professionally identify your business and maintain a standard for employee's contact information.


Order a template with your company's logo and main information, and then include variable data for each person's contact information.


CrossTimber offers database integration for multiple-designs and up to 100 employee cards, each with their own contact information. 


Corporate Cards are designed to your specifications and include 1 proof for your review, before going to print.  Additional revisions & proofs are $5 each.


Cards are printed in edge-to-edge high-resolution 4-process color on heavy 14pt or 16pt cardstock, and come UV Gloss coating for a clean, professional style. 


  • $99 for the first box of 1000.  Setup & 1 proof included.
  • $79 per additional box.  Setup & 1 proof included for each version.
    • additional revisions with proofs are $5 each.

    Reverse-side Printing is available for $39 per box of 1000.

For example:


An office with one manager and 4 employees would order 1 "first box" (for $99) and 4 additional boxes ($79 each).  A proof of each version would be provided for approval.  This would come to $415, plus tax and/or shipping.  Additional revisions & proofs (if neeed) would be $5 each.


Call anytime to order! 888-793-2646  Or visit our Contact page.



Post'N'Peel Sets

An original invention from CrossTimber.

Our Post'N'Peel Business Card Sets are a unique blend of advertising and ingenuity. Pre-padded business cards are affixed to a sturdy cardstock backing, inviting potential customers to take one of your cards home with them, without leaving a barren spot on the bulletin board.  Convienently use this new marketing tool to turn courtesy bulletin boards into productive advertising outlets for your business.


Our Post'N'Peel sets provide professional, practical, easy-to-use business-card advertising that doesn’t leave your cards skewered with holes and people wondering “should I take their only card?!” Our bill-board business card sets come ready to mount to any bulletin board and provide a professional alternative to a single card skewered with holes, or the tattered-looking “tear-off-phone-number” flyers.  Each set has 20 peel-off cards with a sticky-backboard and push-pins for bulletin boards.  Now your customers can each take home a professional business card from the bulletin board, and leave some for everyone else!


Post'N'Peel sets change our Premium Cards into an ingenius advertising tool that can fully utilize the space on a courtesy bulletin board. 


Post'N'Peel Pricing:


500-Card Package: $149

Includes 20 ready-to-post sets of 25 cards each.

1000-Card Package: $289

Includes 40 ready-to-post sets of 25 cards each.


Half-and-Half: $219
A box of 500 Premium Cards, with 20 Post'N'Peel sets of 25 cards each (1000 cards total).


Call us anytime to order! 888-793-2646  Or visit our Contact page.




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