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Domain Name Registration

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Choosing a good domain name can be as important as choosing the name of your business.  In fact, a good domain name can sometimes make the difference between just surviving online, and thriving online.  Who today hasn't heard the name ""? Did you know that the founder's original choice was ""? But he was advised to use instead, because of the foreign nature of the word Cadabra, and that verbally, it seemed to similar to Cadaver (a corpse).  Choosing a name that is easy to spell, easy to remember, and short enough for a business card are vital ingredients for a successful online presence.

Reserve a domain name through CrossTimber for just $35 per year, or even less for multiple-year purchases. Along with our professional website design, we take care of all the specifics of getting your domain name registered. Give us a call and let CrossTimber work up some great options for your website.

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What is a Domain Name?

And why do I need one for my website?

A Domain Name is like a phone number for the internet or a street address to bring a customer to your "virtual door". But it is far more important than just numbers and symbols. Before anything else, a well-chosen website address can identify your business and industry instantly to potential customers.

Domain Names are an extremely important asset on the internet.


Some domain names have intrinsic value simply because people can remember them easily. sold for $2.6 Million, and sold for $360 Million.


A Good Name is to be chosen above Great Riches.


Pick a good name

and stick to it!



Many businesses choose their company name as their Domain Name, like this site, www.CrossTimber.Name. Others choose key words to reflect the area of interest or expertise, such as And some businesses choose their initials or easy-to-spell words so that people can readily remember the website address, like or


A website address is one of the first things a customer looks at, whether it's in a Search Engine's search results, on a business card or spelled out over the radio. You want a domain name that customers can easily remember, and easily spell out so they can get to your site without having to search for it., and other major websites realized this, and chose names that would not be confused with other words or companies. You may also want to use your business name as your website address, especially if your business name is easy to spell and is well-known to your customers. Give CrossTimber a call any time and we'll check on some great choices for your new domain name! Prices range from $35 to to $26 per year for multi-year purchases.


Call 888-763-2646 and we'll check on the availability of any domain name!


Website Design

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