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Why choose CrossTimber?

An American family business of integrity & commitment?    Lots of reasons.

Why choose us?  I'd be happy to list a few reasons.


We're about people.  We understand that no two businesses are alike.

You don't get a template-made, cookie-cutter website that a dozen (or thousand) other businesses have.  CrossTimber custom-crafts the style, layout and functionality of your website to meet the needs of you and your customers.


When you call CrossTimber, you don't hit an answering service or an automated directory. You get real, honest, hard-working, American-speaking, friendly people that are out to make you successful.


Also, we tell the truth.  Maybe that seems old fashioned to some, or unnecessary to say, but think it's important.  we recognize that integrity is not a time-honored tradition, it is a commitment to honesty and the clear business principles given by God in the Bible.  We believe that by honoring His commandments, it glorifies Him and inclines Him to bless us, and our clients through us.  Don't believe in God?  Well, you ought to.  And whether you do or not, the rules He set up apply, and bring Success or Failure in the business world.



What's better about your sites?

Keeping a good business; keeping up with technology's edge.

"In 2002, the total U.S. online spending up 34 percent to $47.9 billion, when traditional brick-and-mortar stores struggled."
-U.S. Department
of Commerce

Our business world has changed.  Like it or not, the public utilizes online tools for social networking, life skills, education, entertainment, and most of all, business.  Online shopping, online searching, online contracts and online browsing are dominating nearly every market in America, and many businesses are struggling to keep up.


Which is where CrossTimber can help.  We continually upgrade our resources and training to present your business with leading-edge technologies to a www-dependent audience.  The digital horizon is developing at an unprecedented rate, and our up-to-standards coding to ensure recognition in the web's top Search Engine companies.


Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and proper html5 coding grant our customers a significant edge in creating their website properly, and using it effectively to reach their target audience.


In other words, we have invested the time learning, training and researching the some of the most effective ways to promote website traffic and business, and we can not only give you the steps to make a successful website, -we'll walk with you.




Who is CrossTimber?

Home-Run, Ohio-Based, God-Honoring, Client-Serving Family Business.

CrossTimber is run by the Dehnart family in S.E. Ohio  Along with Website Design, CrossTimber also offers professional voiceover by Katie Dehnart (, graphic design and printing (www.CrossTimber.Name) and personalized name meaning gifts (www.Meaning.Name).


For more about the Dehnart family, visit our About Us page.




This looks too complicated.  Is it?

Friendly, prompt support through the entire process.

Is it hard?  Yes!  But that's why you need an expert.  We make it easy for you...
We'll walk you through these 3 easy steps:

  1. Decide on the goals and styles that you want for your site. We have many options available for both the look and functionality of your website. We'll help you choose the best features to fit your business.
  2. Write the wording you would like on your site. Think about what you'd like to communicate to potential customers, or current clients you sent to your site. Describe your products, services or business. And don't worry about dotting the i's; we'll help with the proof copy and wording, if you need it.
  3. We'll design an online draft of your new website, and you'll get to review it for changes before we publish it to the world-wide web.



Will my site show up on search engines?

How will your customers find you?

After CrossTimber has published your site online under your own domain name, Search Engines will index your site and you'll show up in search engine results by name & location in usually less than a week.  People looking for you by name or by area & profession can find you faster, and more importantly, get information about your business right away.  You can describe your business, your personality, add a photo of your shop or your products, post audio "radio ads" on your site or include an introductory video acquainting new customers with who you are and what you do. Instead of finding just a phone number in a phone book, they find a professional website with a warm personal greeting to introduce your business.



How do I choose a Domain Name?

How to choose a website address for your new website?  A lot to think about.

As simple as it may sound, there is a lot to think about when choosing a domain name.  If you're interested in a website, think about what website address, or "domain name" you would like for your site.


Many folks chose their business name or their industry as their domain name --but you can learn all about that on our Domain Names Page.



What does the competition charge?

Keeping a good business; keeping up with technology's edge.

From scratch paper to world-wide web access to an online e-commerce store, CrossTimber will guide you through each step of developing the custom website you need, at prices that are exceptionally, incredibly reasonable.  Don't believe us?  I invite you to call around.



We've checked out the competition and we are absolutely confident that you won't find a better combination of service, professional design and value for your dollar.


For comparison, here are two examples:


First, on the high end,  They are a website design firm in Pennsylvania, and they do a beautiful job with their sites.  Regrettably, a 10-page informational site with photos and text is $2500 to $3000.



Locally, our nearest competitor is   When I last checked, there was a $30 charge for a domain name, plus hosting charges of $50 per month, plus a $1,900 setup fee for a basic 5-page informational site.  That's $2530/year.   Here are two of their specials from the last mailing they sent me.



CrossTimber's rates are about 1/3rd the price of our competitors.
Click here to view our website packages.






Are search engines important?

The importance of search engine ranking in today's business world.


Search Engines enable people to find the websites they need amongst the 100-million-plus sites that are online today. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing (formerly MSN-Search) and others use a ranking system to determine which site is the most relevant for Search Results. Search Engine companies create complex logarithms to determine the ranking of each website that is indexed into their system. That ranking is impacted by over 20 million factors, but there are some vital key points that Website Design companies must incorporate into their site in order to achieve a high ranking in Search Results.

Tips for the Best Search Results:


80% of website searchers click on the actual search results, while only 20% click on Search Engine Advertisements. Here are some simple -and important- factors to get a good ranking in those organic search results.


1. Write-Well, Build-Well. By far the most important factor in having a well-ranked, successful website is placing well-written content in a well-coded, professional site. Search Engines scan your site for keywords and properly built meta-tags. Combine well-worded descriptions of your business and product with our technical expertise in labeling and constructing your site to be search-engine friendly, and you'll have a good start on building up to the search results you want.


2. Get in the Race Now. The longer your site has been around and indexed by search engines, the better ranking you receive as you update and improve your site. CrossTimber's SplashSite package is perfect for your first website, and then you can upgrade from there. It takes only days for major Search Engines to index your first website, but the longer your site is up and running, the more accurate and better-ranked the search results will be. Get a site up quickly with our Splash Package, and it will give your future site a jump-start in the ranking race.

3. Plan for the Long Race. One factor that Search Engine Companies (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) use to determine your ranking is the length of time your domain name and hosting are registered for. The longer your hosting and domain name is registered for, the better your ranking in search engine results. CrossTimber offers highly-discounted rates for extended packages so that you can get the best ranking possible.


With a multi-page website like our StarterSite, Advertising Package or E-Commerce Store, you increase your Search Engine ranking for keywords and descriptions, and you show customers that you mean business.



Will my site get good ranking?

Keeping a good business; keeping up with technology's edge.

Nielson//Netratings, a global leader in internet analysis, reports that 114 million Americans use search engines an average of 40 minutes per month. That means that over one-third of all Americans are searching for products, services, answers and information online. CrossTimber's website packages include several important tools to give your site a head start in search ranking.


CrossTimber's Website Design includes essential SEO services for every website package. We design our websites to html5 standards with keywords, descriptions and meta-data that will ensure proper indexing in Search Engines. In layman's terms, we design your website to be recognized and easily read by Search Engine programs.


For our Advertising and E-Commerce packages, CrossTimber can also submit a Site map of your site to Google, and send you quarterly reports on your site's progress, traffic, and much more.  We can also walk you through the setup Google Adwords to bring in more traffic, and produce the maximum exposure to internet searchers.  Asking other websites to post links to your website not only increases your traffic from those sites, but also increases your Search Ranking with Search Engines.




Internet Terms

So many new things to learn...

Here's a partial list of some of the many internet terms.


BROWSER: The program you use to view websites.


DOMAIN NAME: The website address people type into their Internet Browser to go to a website.


HOSTING: A website is saved onto Hosting Server, that allows people to see the website.


SEARCH ENGINE: A website or toolbar that people use to search for things on the internet like websites, services, products or just answers.


SEO, Search Engine Optomization: The process of enhancing a website to gain better recognition and pagerank from search engines.


URL: The "Uniform Resource Locator" is the unique address of any web document. It is also called domain name or internet address. You enter it in the address bar in your browser.


BLOG: A blog (short for "web log") is a type of web page that is usually updated daily, and focused on one subject or used as a personal diary by the author.


BROWSING or SURFING is to follow links in a page, to shop around in a page, just to discover websites and their content. Usually used like "I browse some sites" or "I'm surfing on the net".


DOWNLOADS: A download is a file you have transferred from another computer to your computer over the internet. Only download files from people or companies that you trust, as there are many malicious viruses that can be disguised as safe downloads.


LINKS: An element in an electronic document that links to another place in the same document or to an entirely different document. Also known as Hyperlink. Links are an essential part of the internet because they build connections between different documents on the internet.




Website Design

Custom Packages are also available.  Contact us.


See our work for yourself!  We've built dozens of websites for businesses, organizations, online stores and families.

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Not ready for a website?  Secure your unique domain name for $35.


Get an e-mail address at your own domaiin with our custom e-mail plans for Outlook.


Law-compliant e-mail marketing MADE EASY.

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